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Thoughts to ponder when considering guardianship

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2017 | Elder Law, Estates |

If you have a family member who is either incapacitated due to old age or infirmity, or is a vulnerable child or disabled adult, you may be worried about how they will be taken care of.  When a person becomes unable to make decisions for themselves, meeting the basic necessities of life can become a challenge.  Some of the responsibilities or events that would normally come easily include:

  • Finding a place to live
  • Giving consent for medical procedures
  • End-of-life decisions
  • Property transactions
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Marriage
  • Purchasing a firearm
  • Voting

When you have a family member who is unable to make these types of decisions for themselves, the best thing to do is to create a guardianship for them.  In the case of a guardianship, a guardian is chosen who will take care of the personal and property interests of the person who is unable to handle it themselves, also known as the ward.  Guardianship is most successful when the guardian is someone you can trust who can handle the responsibility emotionally, financially, physically and in all other ways. When making the choice of a guardian, it is important to consider all these factors.

At Elder Law & Estate Planning Solutions of the Piedmont, we have the knowledge and experience that allow us to assist you in selecting and arranging a guardian for your guardianship needs.  When the time to talk about guardianship arrives, come in and visit with us.  We’ll help you plan for the future or take care of the current needs of your family members.