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Last updated on June 18, 2024

As the number of older individuals increases, so does the need for informed legal guidance about aging-related issues – including pervasive problems with elder abuse.

Elder Law & Estate Planning Solutions is committed to protecting the rights and dignity of older adults in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Our decade’s knowledge of elder law allows us to provide comprehensive support and advocacy for victims of elder abuse and neglect.

What Is Elder Abuse, And When Does It Take Place?

Elder abuse occurs when someone subjects a person over 65 to mistreatment, neglect or exploitation. It can happen in private homes, nursing facilities or assisted living centers. Abuse often occurs when the elderly person is isolated, dependent on others for care or suffering from cognitive impairments.

Typical Forms Of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse can manifest in several ways:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Neglect
  • Sexual abuse
  • Abandonment

Recognizing these forms of abuse is important for early intervention and protection of elderly loved ones.

Recognizing The Signs Of Elder Abuse

Signs of elder abuse can be subtle but may include:

  • Unexplained injuries or bruises
  • Sudden changes in behavior or demeanor
  • Unusual financial transactions or missing valuables
  • Poor hygiene or living conditions
  • Isolation from friends and family

Promptly taking action can help protect your loved one’s well-being.

What Should I Do If I Suspect My Loved One Is Being Abused?

If you suspect elder abuse, it’s crucial to act quickly:

  • Guard the elder’s immediate safety
  • Document any signs or incidents related to the abuse
  • Report the abuse to the authorities
  • Seek legal guidance right away

You can report elder abuse in your county through legal avenues to save lives and protect vulnerable seniors.

How Are Elder Abuse Cases Investigated?

Once reported, elder abuse cases are investigated by North Carolina law enforcement through:

  • Interviewing the elders, family members and caregivers
  • Reviewing medical records and financial documents
  • Conducting home visits or facility inspections
  • Collaborating with other agencies

Since a strong legal case depends on thorough investigations, attorney guidance can help guide your steps.

What Are Some Legal Remedies?

Legal remedies for elder abuse may include:

  • Obtaining protective orders
  • Pursuing civil litigation against abusers
  • Seeking guardianship to protect the elder’s interests

We’re dedicated to helping you navigate these complex legal processes.

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